It’s the world’s worst car show, or more correctly a show of the world’s worst cars, and despite all efforts, it’s slipped past our border security and immigration controls, and has finally made it to Australia!

This much talked about event (not in a good way), somehow wormed its way out of Monterey Car Week (the action packed program of car events supporting the Pebble Beach Concours), and through a combination of bribery and blackmail, coerced a bunch of Aussies into helping stage it!

Concours d’Lemons, certainly lives up to its slogan of “celebrating the oddball, mundane and truly awful of the automotive world”, and even goes so far as to thumb its nose at conventional shows by openly encouraging the bribing of its celebrity judges.

Open to vehicles of all types, the Australian public is subjected to some zany examples of questionable engineering and roadworthiness, as owners fall all over each other to win $2 recycled trophies in categories such as “Needlessly Complex Italian”, “Rueful Britannia”, and “Der Self-SatisfiedKrauttenWagen” to name but a few.

And of course, the low-point of the day, is the public humiliation of the winner of the “Worst of Show” award, most likely presented by someone picked off the street during the day!

There’s no way anyone could actually charge money for an event of this standard, and we always tell people .. “It’s free for entrants and the public, and you get what you pay for.”

(Images courtesy Freelance Images)