Past Events


On September 23, 2017 Kobbled Together Aussie Kangaroo Karts, Rust Buckets, Misfits, Mistakes and the worst of the automotive world went on display in the sleepy little city of Adelaide.

In the time honoured tradition, our celebrity judges accepted bribes for our thrift shop sourced trophies, and accepted donations for our charity partner.

As always the show was free for participants and spectators, and everyone got exactly what they paid for!

Concours d’Lemons is all about raising funds and awareness for various causes, so for our very first event, we threw our support behind a little initiative to help raise funds to assist our great Aussie icon, the Royal Flying Doctor Service via “Beauties Amongst the Beasts”.

A group of local pinup girls ran a sausage sizzle, bake sale and flogged raffle tickets, and in the process managed to raise a total of $1120 for the cause!

Our first ever show in Oz, saw some amazing machinery dragged from the dumps and garages around town, and awards were presented to the folks below:

Category Custodian Machinery
DER SELF-SATISFIED KRAUTTEN WAGEN Taylor Andrews 1978 Volkswankel Golf
KOBBLED TOGETHER AUSSIE KANGAROO KARTS Damian Waterfield 1996 Ford Falcon GLi Wagon
RUEFUL BRITANNIA Leigh McAninch 1999 Ford Ka
RUST BELT AMERICAN JUNK Dave Carey 1976 Buick Opel by Isuzu
SWEDISH MEATBALLS Trevor Unwin 1986 Volvo 360 GLT
TWO WHEEL TERROR Ross Challinger 1972 Mountain Goat motorcycle
UNMITIGATED GAUL Don Stacy Renault 12
WARSAW PACT, 1945-1990 Tyson Boyce 1990, Škoda, Rapid 135
WONDERS OF THE KOREAN PENINSULA Chris Durkin 2001 Daewoo Mattiz
LAST NIGHT’S LEFTOVERS             (Late Arrivals) Cherry Rebelle Toyota Ratlux
WTF?? Rob Xrford XD Fairlane Hearse
WORST OF SHOW John Moss 1963 Zeta

(Images courtesy Freelance Images, MARK STANDEN)